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LE STACK: useful stuff, the stuff that'll stick, the stuff for corporate use - raw, no comment from my part, just for reference. Regular updates as I find material. Stay tuned, subscribe to RSS feed & more there ---> ********************************************************************************************************************* KEY MEASUREMENT INDICATORS FOR WEBSITE MANAGEMENT by Linky van der Merwe, founder of Virtual Project Consulting and social media strategist based in South Africa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW DOES GOOGLE SEARCH WORK? (infographic) By PPC Blog. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 BENEFITS OF MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS WITH TWITTER by Linky van der Merwe, founder of Virtual Project Consulting and social media strategist based in South Africa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 POINTERS FOR LINKEDIN PROFILES, by Janet Slack, Business Coach, Social Media Trainer, Consultant and Solopreneur Expert at Solopreneur.Biz. Read HERE. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK'S OPEN GRAPH EXPLAINED Simple. Straight forward. For all. See slideshare HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO 101: a short and comprehensive at-a-glance guide http://ow.ly/1B83y (from Datadial) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE TOOLS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA (research and measurement) A presentation at SMWF by Beth Granter of NixonMcInnes THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR BRANDS A presentation at SMWF by Adam Graham, Operations Partner of Saint@RKCR/Y&R. See both HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommending a great read: TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOUR COMPANY IS *NOT* READY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA - by Steve Slivka & Patrick Berry, Co-Founder/Creative Director, Co-Founder/Director of Tools and Methods @ Colossal Squid Enlightening and really useful article for companies and businesses half-heartedly stepping into social media territory. Read it HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAY PER CLICK (PPC) MANAGEMENT: 7 VARIABLES TO MANIPULATE FOR MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY Successful pay per click management depends on testing a number of variables to determine the optimum strategy for your company. Doing what someone else is doing probably won’t work. Every business is different. Every marketing message is different. Every potential customer is different. To maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns you need to manipulate the following seven variables, trying different things for each until you find the right mix. 1. Bids. 2. Keywords. 3. Ad copy. 4. Landing page copy. 5. Search engines. 6. Targeting. 7. Desired action. Read the full post by ifydcat 27/02/2010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA : WHAT TO MEASURE ? Marketing Sherpa’s survey of 2,000+ marketers shows the following 3 social metrics at the top of what’s being measured: 1. Visitors and sources of traffic 2. Network size (followers, fans, members) 3. Quantity of commentary about brand or product Ten important social media metrics to measure: 1. Social media leads. 2. Engagement duration. 3. Bounce rate. 4. Membership increase and active network size. 5. Activity ratio. 6. Conversions. 7. Brand mentions 8. Loyalty. 9. Virality. 10. Blog interaction. You can see from the above list that there are both key metrics and variations that you’ll probably want to monitor and analyze, depending on your business objectives. Not all of them are simple metrics to track, and as such do require either or both custom tools and custom reports. Supplement your metrics reports by noting any milestones in your SMM plan . Also, if you run any sort of social campaigns, measure the ROI on specific goals . Social campaigns could use applications (E.g., Facebook applications like Mob the Rainbow) to encourage social participation. Measure application usage and resulting conversions. Finally, the use of complex measurements such as Multiple Moving Averages (MMAs) can show both short- and long-term trends, thus providing you with an overall view of the health of your sites and social networks. Read the full post by Raj Dash (24/02/2010) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA: SNAPSHOT OF A BUNCH OF MEASURING APPS AND TOOLS Watch Michelle's video HERE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BURSTON-MARSTELLER'S GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKUP 22/02/2010 See the full Slideshare presentation HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COCA-COLA'S SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY (02/2010) View the Slideshare presentation of their "fans first" stragety HERE