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Happy New Year shramies, Baba Sumit, Sumit Chadha, Gregg Hill, BKilla Train, Antje Pantje, Sanja Asikainen, Nicole Boyer, Sunila Sharma, Alex Bedoya. Om Namah... Wishing you all a wonderful and serene 2013. Love

Ask our panel speakers your questions: Frederic Montagnon, Amy Vernon. Don't be shy. And see you in Vegas in a week. www.blogworld.com Blog post at New Media Expo Blog : Is there something about blogging you've always wanted to know? Do you have a burning...

twitter.com Heavy snow in NYC

The kind of thing that makes my day. "The overblog world is about to be turned upside down." Thanks, JD. Hat tip to Frederic Montagnon, Julien Romanetto, Gilles Moncaubeig and the teams in Europe and here in the U.S.

How I feel right now, dear Zuckerberg? Jet lag has the best of me, thanks for asking. There -- happy? Right, TTYL when you send me the next personal question.

socialirl.com If you're going to go fast enough to succeed, you're going to make mistakes. If you're not making mistakes, you're going too slow and you'll never win. It's about how you deal with those mistakes that

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