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Published by livajudic

As we pursue our journey to round up 2010, here is a guest post by Laurent François on Social Media Marketing Trends 2010. You already know Laurent, aka Citizen L, French Digital Player & Influencer whose What's Going On In Social Media 2009 (Reloaded) I introduced to you in February. He has updated his deck for the past year with the "aim to explain what Social Media is to people who are neither marketing-friendly nor "geek", but who still use the channel." Laurent says: "It could be my mum, a teacher, anyone! It has 3 goals: 1. try to demonstrate some of the elements that are at stake for us as citizens, in a very simple way 2. try to avoid "binarian" arguments: Social Media is neither evil nor Paradise Valley 3. structure my own thoughts: in a very pervasive world, I guess it's highly important to frequently challenge our statements, to share a point of view and accept new ideas, remarks. Even sometimes anger is good to get ;)" Here is the slide deck for 2010: [slideshare id=4842207&doc=socialmediamarketing2010-100726094041-phpapp01] If you want to view all of Laurent's work on Social Media, feel free to take a look at his Pearltree -- also a great excuse to discover Pearltree if you don't know about it yet. [Should you wish to find out more about the Pearltrees collaborative platform, contact Oliver Starr.] Other productions by Laurent include his work on pervasive creativity. Laurent is a prolific guy. He used to be Head of Digital Influence at Ogilvy Paris and is now Head of Marketing & Development at Express Roularta Services. His Twitter bio also reads as follows: "Social media on http://citizenL.fr and http://citizenl.net. Trends, fashion, marketing, WTF http://trendy-geek.com." He more than ever is the publisher of Tout Ca magazine. Feel free to comment, copy, embed, share... and always name the original source. Thanks!

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