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Published by livajudic

Hello, it's been a busy few days. I've been unable to post while travelling in the U.S. Precisely, travel is the topic of this post. Not quite plain travel. Time travel. The following video has been trending big time. So much that I learned about it on TV. I'd actually seen a few tweets, including by the HuffPost but wasn't that attracted to read the content but when I saw it on the news (it might have been Fox or ABC, I frankly can't remember) in DC this morning, I wondered. So here is that footage. Look at the woman. 1929. Premiere of Charlie Chaplin's The Circus. Is she talking on... a cellphone? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6a4T2tJaSU&fs=1&hl=fr_FR&color1=0x402061&color2=0x9461ca] Hoax or not, it's already been viewed 1.7 million times in 10 days. And probably because of the news coverage, it really peaked today. Sofar, it has garnered 13 692 comments. It was first posted on October 18th. As early as the following day, the footage was already viewed on a mobile device for the first time. And up to now, some 38 899 people have streamed it on their mobile devices. In terms of population, men aged anywhere between 25 and 44 seem to be the most psyched by the mysterious time traveler. Gentlemen, what do you have to say to that?... It is mostly trending in North America, but also the U.K., Scandinavia, Australia. Latin America shows some interest too but the most notable element is South Africa being tuned in more than Latin America, while no other country on the continent seems to be otherwise paying attention. Looks like we've moved up on the ladder of spookyness: UFOs no longer rock. Time traveling is the new big thing. How many people are going to be scanning footage of street life at around that time now, in search for more evidence of the existence of a time traveler? You tell me...

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