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Published by livajudic

Here's a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency... Click on headlines to read stories. I've added comments to those entries with noteworthy performances. :)

Friday June 25th Facebook In Early Stage Search Engine Tests? >> This post got tweeted 142 times, directly from the site (excluding retweets) at time of publication. Search Agency Update - What Are Companies Up To? Thursday June 24th WhitePages.com Relies On 'Daily Pop' Deals And Self-Curated Local Listings To Boost Traffic BlueGlass Merges SEO/SEM firms 10e20, Search&Social, Brent Csutoras, Second Step Search Wow! >> This post was tweeted 150 times Wednesday June 23rd Bing Banks On Deep Contextual Search With One-Stop Entertainment Hub Google Also Looking Into Music Service Tied To Search [Report] Tuesday June 22nd WordStream's Free Negative Keyword Tool Weeds Out The Unwanted To Boost Click-Through Rates U.S. Mobile Virtual Gaming Market Worth $168M in 2010 & Poised To Explode [Study] Monday June 21th Google To Launch Newspass Paywall [Report] Woah! >> This post got tweeted 240 times. 3 Marketing Myths On TV Vs Online Video Usage [U.S. Study] Very cool! >> This article was picked up by InvokeMedia as one of its top tweets of the week (albeit with the wrong link, oops) Happy reading !

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