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Published by livajudic

This post was kindly written by guest contributor Zeke Camusio. Believe it or not, there is a lot that we can learn from sex and apply it to marketing. It’s About Quality, Not Quantity Some companies take a quantitative approach to marketing. When sales are down, they do MORE of what they’re doing instead of doing it BETTER. If what you’re doing isn’t working, doing more of it isn’t likely to fix the problem. Pay Attention Great lovers and smart business owners do one thing very well: they ask their lovers/customers questions. “Is this what you want?”, “how can I do it better?” Do you talk to your customers? Do you ask them why they decided to go with you instead of your competition? Do you ask those people who did go with your competitors why they chose them? Ask more questions. Experiment and Adjust Most companies choose their marketing tactics based on “what everyone else is doing” or “because I thought it would be a great idea.”  Some companies don’t try new things because they don’t know whether it’s going to work. My advice is, “test small, measure results, get rid of what doesn’t work and do more of what works. Don’t be afraid to experiment.” You Need to Warm Them Up First You wouldn’t approach a complete stranger with this opening line, “hi, how are you? Do you want to have sex?” In business, however, this is what a lot of companies do. “Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, now read all my specials” or “Welcome to our website. Buy Now!” Take the time to build trust in you. Show people how you’ve helped others just like them. Show them testimonials, case studies and a list of your current clients. Ask for their contact information and give them something of value. They’re going to buy whenever they are ready. For now, show them that you’re trustworthy. How You Finish Is as Important as How You Start You don’t finish having sex and tell your partner, “OK, that was nice. Now you can go home.” That is exactly what some companies do to their customers. They never call them to find out how happy they are with their purchase and if there’s something else they can do for them. This is a perfect moment to stand out and build an even stronger relationship with your customers. And remember: selling to existing customers is a lot easier than selling to someone who never bought anything from you. Plus, caring for those who feed your family is the right thing to do. ------ Warm thanks to Zeke Camusio who heads Internet marketing company called The Outsourcing Company in Canandaigua, New York.

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