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Published by livajudic

Who in the world – literally – is interested in the Twitter content that I generate today ? As promised, here's a snapshot of my geographical metrics on Twitter once month on -- but not just that. I've registered the situation at 3 different dates to show you the change. As for last time, the only metrics that I find interesting at this point is the geographical spread. Albeit also interesting, the quantity - or number of followers - doesn't necessarily come into play for my purpose. Last (and first) time I went there (read it here), my main geographical groups were predominantly comprised of U.S. followers with 52% of clicks on my links, with France standing at 14% and UK 11%. Look at the evolution of the geographical spread below: Source: HootSuite analytics What happened ? I attended the SMWF (Social Media World Forum) in London on March 15-16th. Sure enough, I blogged (you noticed, no doubt -- I mean they at SMWF did) about the event and my readership shifted geographically, accordingly. There are strong beliefs out there that: - you can only target your 'original' market, which, in my case, would mean France, since I'm based in Paris -- WRONG - once you have an audience, its geographical spread won't change -- WRONG again So, what I'm trying to say is that there is no fatality about whom you attract to your content. You are the one who decides what your content will be and how you decide to make it evolve. Born and bred totally cross- and multicultural, it was only natural for me to decide that my target audience would be global with a specific interest for the U.S. and U.K. markets where I've lived and worked for a number of years before settling in Paris. The 3 graphs above demonstrate not only that it is possible but also that I can shift interest according to how I curate the content and brand it. If you look at the particulars of Ukraine and Hungary ... etc, you'll find out that I was actually engaging people from those countries on very specific topics. Fabulous, isn't it ? (U.K.) Awesome, right ? (U.S.) Super, non ? (France) Pick the place you want and just make it happen by curating your content accordingly. So now, if you want to follow me, @merrybubbles, click on the right hand side Twitter follow button. Let me know what industry you're in and what metrics you're watching in priority and for what purpose. Because, yes, the bottom line is: what's your ultimate goal ?

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