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Published by livajudic

In the "Practical" series of this blog: an at a glance cheat sheet to help market to female buyers. Remember, women are half the market and in the U.S. alone, they account for over 85% of all purchasing decisions (source: Mindshare/Ogilvy Mather). Here are two approaches that echoed for me: the 7 principles for marketing to women -- all applicable for social media and the 7 key underlying insights for marketing to women. 7 PRINCIPLES FOR MARKETING TO WOMEN - all applicable for social media This comes from Dr. Bob Deutsch, a cognitive anthropologist and a founder and president of a strategic branding and communications consultancy Brain Sells. 1. Pattern 2. Authenticities 3. Quality - note this one, it is a strong driver 4. Connectedness 5. Society 6. Quality of life 7. Reasonableness Read the full post by I <3 social media here. Then, you also need to be aware of the... 7 KEY UNDERLYING INSIGHTS FOR MARKETING TO WOMEN. 1. There is no “women’s market” there’s “your women’s market” 2. “Brand Lite” isn’t the answer 3. Communicate differently: value vs listing features 4. Understand that she’s always watching -- Women are great at detecting inconsistencies. 5. Respect her 6. Embrace high standards -- Women are suckers for quality 7. Be willing to commit -- the dreaded “c” word. Read more here Convinced ? Let me know your thoughts.

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