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Published by livajudic

Were you part of the frenzy ? Or, like myself, did you just sit back, relax and watch the crazy crowds swim and sink in ? Let's start on a fun note first ... What's tha iPad but a big flat screen with an iPhone for an engine ? "iPad Exposed" by Ed Pimentl [slideshare id=3636334&doc=ipad-exposed-100404195838-phpapp01] More seriously, a quick glance at the thing, thanks to James Keller at Small Society
iPad User Experience: A Quick Lesson in 4 Parts
[slideshare id=3559799&doc=mobileportlandjskv1-100325232242-phpapp02] It seems to me that this is a tool for nomadic entertainment purposes rather than work. As I was discussing with a French dude versed into urban nomadism this week, the iPad would be an "item to buy and accommodate your kids to, for it is the door to the future and the symbol of innovation going forward". Nice quote. The Ipad as a cross-generational item ? Interesting approach. Sanja Rastovac, founder of geeks clothing brand wtf Jeans, told me the other day that they'd already received a request for a garment including an iPad pocket... but Shushhh, it's still in the offing as we speak ! So... depending on where on the planet you're located... Did you get one or are you planning on getting one ? Let us know here what you think of the latest craze in geekdom.

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