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Published by livajudic

Today's post is a walk in the park ! My role is merely to introduce two awesome presentations that were made at the SMWF: Free Tools for Social Media (research and measurement), by Beth Granter of NixonMcInnes [slideshare id=3465304&doc=smwfbethgranter4-100318061351-phpapp02] ------- The Future Of Social Media And Its Implications For Brands, by Adam Graham, Operations Partner of Saint@RKCR/Y&R. For this latter one, I particularly liked Adam's 4Cs of ‘brand intimacy’ with customers (yes, obvious reference to the 4C for diamonds ...): 1. Culture 2. Conversation 3. Collaboration 4. Compensation [slideshare id=3387613&doc=thefutureofsocialmediaanditsimplicationsforbrands-linkedvid-100310114850-phpapp01]

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