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Clearly, everyone has a different approach to strategy when it comes to digital and they're more or less innovative. I like simple. Here are the main six points I gathered one must fully comprehend and take into account when building a strategy. Because yes -- again: as reported in my earlier post about Top 5 trending and hot topics at #smwf 2010 , there is no point in launching into a social media / digital campaign if you have no strategy. So… aside from those recommendations mentioned in the Top 5 trending and hot topics post, here are the #smwf gems for digital strategy: To kick this off, I particularly like this quote from Muhammad Karim, Mars' Senior Brand Manager: "If you have a crap idea, Social Media is NOT going to help you". You are forewarned. - Set a goal vs “launch a campaign”. Before anything else, have a goal or set one, as the copycat “me too” effect just won’t get you anywhere – NO NO - Take it seriously and allocate proper resources, both in terms of staff and budget, to grow the community and your capacity to interact effectively. You have to start listening before starting to talk with your people and engaging them: it IS a full-time job. Just yesterday, I was talking a Public Affairs-Digital honcho (somewhere) at Fleishman-Hillard and he told me that for the moment, his colleagues were taking on the social media interaction as "an extension of their full-time jobs". Well, if you intend to make a great digital impact, please help them help you. You can outsource a lot of that to dedicated professionals -- I'm one with full bilingual capacity but there's a few of us out there, just ask ! - Because of the reasons mentioned above, involve your top management, those you have inking power. Make sure they understand what is social media and more precisely what you do with social media so as to unlock proper budgets and resources -- invest. - Boost and regulate internal participation, get your co-workers, and why not, hierarchy, to fully participate. Once you’ve educated (sorry, I just can’t stand the word “evangelize”) them, ensure that internal guidelines are always up to date and clear – because you can’t constantly control everyone. And “Control is so 20th century” said Paul Charles, COO of Lewis PR. - Ask (yourself) the right questions when building your strategy: . specifically “who” vs “how many” as regards building a community . set measurable indicators for your success: when will you be happy and consider that your strategy has achieved success ? - Last but not least: Talk to vs talk at – nothing new there but always worth emphasizing Take it from Trevor Johnson, the head of strategy and planning (EMEA) at Facebook: . Make it simple . Keep it simple . Don’t think in campaigns or silos but develop a conversational calendar . Think differently – let go of what you think you know. “All I know is that I know nothing” -- Socrates said. If you can think that way, you’re way ahead of the game… so just let go. Now you know why I picked this title ! Do you have tips you'd like to share too ? Post them here ! Think you're ready ? I suggest you read this first to be sure to be sure... Top 10 reasons why your company is NOT ready for social media

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