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Published by livajudic

Who in the world - literally - is interested in the Twitter content that I generate today ? Source: HootSuite analytics As you see, this is a snapshot of the situation at a given time, ie yesterday. I'll be checking every month to see where merrybubbles' (my Tweeple name) content stands. Although I'm based in Paris, France, it looks like the U.S. has so far been my main 'follower' location. The question, really, is whether I'm happy with this spread or not. Without the shadow of a doubt, the answer is YES ! I have to say, it pretty much reflects my ideal spread. Great ! It's important to me to have a global positioning rather than a specifically local rooting. This is the reason why I tweet primarily in English but also speak and engage in French on a regular basis, unlike this blog where my editorial choice is to write solely in English. I guess I'll just keep doing what I do and be my merrybubbles.

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