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Published by livajudic

Great news ! Thanks to the posts here, HushPlush Bubble was granted the status of Official Blogger at the Social Media World Forum to be held in London next week, 15th-16th March. So off I go, to London Olympia to follow it for you. Enterprise Media Forum Thanks to the sesame, I'll be able to bring you news and info on the spot and from every corner of the Davos of Social Media event. So tune in on Twitter if you want to be updated in real time. Add me, I'm merrybubbles. I'll be happy to bring you the info as things unfold there. If you're already a Tweeple, you can simply click on the button in the right side bar below and follow me. If not, well, all you have to do is get yourself an account and follow - easy. On the spot, you'll even be able to tweet me your questions and I'll pass them on for you - in real time. Try it ! If you prefer a slower pace, I'll do my best to provide you with info once a day, here, and of course via Facebook, LinkedIn and Viadeo. Again, to follow that, click on the buttons and add me on the platform of your choice and you'll automatically get the updates. Last option: you can simply register and attend too ! Social Media World Forum I personally am particularly focused on current and future market trends for the use of Social Media in PR but also marketing and advertising. How it's perceived now compared to last year and where the experts see it going forward in one to ten years' time. Very exciting. Most interesting, did you know that the event - just like Davos, by the way - has regional meetings too ? This one is the European leg of the global spider. There's an Asian part and of course a U.S. one too. What I really like is that they each time offer lots of possibilities to actually participate through leveraging social media: there's the blogger offer, the affiliation program, the free exhibition pass to start getting engaged... Who knows ? Geek that I am (geekette, to be more precise), I might end up going to one of those too... and next time, I'll try affiliation ! Anyway, in preparation for the forum, I'd love to hear your questions and suggestions, feel free to leave them in comments or tweet them. To view the full program, click HERE To access the Social Media World Forum Europe page, click HERE

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