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Published by livajudic

Great news on the Social Media Good front ! Even better news: you can do it too, whether you speak French or not. Following up on my Sunday post on Social Media + CSR (read HERE), I wanted to thank the sponsors, Danone and Carrefour, for taking HushPlush Bubble's post into account in their campaign. This morning, I awoke to find an email confirming that the HushPlush Bubble post had earned 10 meals for this year's campaign of Les Restos du Coeur -- ie restaurants with a / of the heart --, an initiative to provide food to impoverished populations in France. "Nous avons bien reçu votre mail et nous vous remercions de supporter cette action. Grâce à votre billet, Danone et Carrefour offriront 10 repas offerts aux Restos du Coeur." --> We have received your email and thank you for supporting the initiative. Thanks to your post, Danone and Carrefour will offer 10 meals to the Restos du Coeur. Great, THANK YOU ! So, people, it's very little but please pass it on, 1 post on your blog = 10 meals for Les Restos du Coeur To sponsors Danone and Carrefour: does this second post earn another 10 meals ?

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