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Social Media is about influence. That much we all gather. Up to now, my posts were about corporate social media strategies, entrepreneurs' do's and don'ts, metrics and ROI ... with the goal of putting forward brands -- personal, businesses' and corporate identity. In a nutshell, the final aim was to achieve business growth. So if it's about spending, how can it be leveraged towards responsible spending ? I was recently contacted by a marketing Professor at Stanford, CA (yes, I swear) who was wondering if I could help her identify businesses leveraging social media for corporate social responsibility (CSR). After researching a little, I found that where I live (ie Paris, France), a campaign is currently jointly being run by food and dairy products maker Danone and supermarket giant Carrefour. The two CAC40-listed companies are teaming up to help an association called Les Restos du coeur. Les Restos du coeur (meaning restaurants with a/of the heart) has been providing food to the poorest populations in urban France for well over a decade. The idea this year is to leverage social media by asking people (like you, like me) to promote the campaign on their blogs: for each post, the sponsors donate 10 meals. So here we go, consider it done: thank you Carrefour and Danone for feeding 10 hungry people ! Watch the video of the campaign: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcc8h6_danone-carrefour-restos-du-cœur_news ----- Outside France, I've found this article on Mashable about 5 socially responsible corporate initiatives that were carried out by U.S. companies through social media. As part of their corporate communication, Crate & Barrel, Target, Ford, Stonyfield Farms, and Pepsi have thus turned towards social good campaigns. Pepsi's generated the most buzz as the soda maker had shocked by reallocating a 20 mln usd budget from Super Bowl ads to social media. Read the Mashable article HERE And finally, as a reader on this blog, should you wish to do participate in the social good vibe, look just to the right ... yes ... that's right, right over here   ---> You can help me help imporverished children get food. It'll only take you a few minutes but it'll do them a world of good. Have a great sunday !

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