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Published by livajudic

Howdy ! Today, I've had the pleasure of talking to a French digital player and infuencer, Citizen L. His personal profile is whooooshhhh... like lightning but without the thunder. Citizen L is rather discreet and modest. So for people who think that EVERYTHING on digital influence originates from the U.S., take a few minutes to view the following presentation. After Burston-Marsteller's evidence-based presentation for early 2010, here comes another kind of report. It's fun, to the point... "pervasive" (a word Citizen L likes to use on a joking tone) and it's his take on Social Media, in December 2009. Not outdated. Not a wrinkle. We'll see about it in 3 more months though. Enjoy: [slideshare id=2736999&doc=social-media-whats-going-on-091217083731-phpapp01]

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