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Published by livajudic

Did you think YouTube and social media were merely for fun / business / selling / PR ? Look again, Tufts has given the green light for YouTube videos to be included in college application. Unexpected ? Think of it, if social media can be effective and efficient for reputation management, branding, PR and for marketing products and services... why wouldn't future students leverage the same tools to "sell" themselves too ? Irrational ? Clearly, the rules and limits have to be set but other than that, in the end, it feels pretty natural. With good music and lyrics to the point (that's a personal point of view), those future students clearly demonstrate their personal brands and visual identities in an innovative way for the education system ! Look at the first video (link below). It starts with a founding statement that reaches beyond just the application as it applies directly to all sales, PR and marketing professionals, organic or digital : "You never really know someone until you've walked a mile in her shoes" Pretty cool. I'd personally tweet it as #NewEra. As a matter of fact, I just did ! Question: Do you think other colleges will follow suit ? How about colleges in other countries, in Europe ? And to speak of where I am, how would the struggling French system integrate such technology into their admission processes, with top schools already busy dealing with the consequences of their refusal to positively discriminate for less well-off students ? Great debates will certainly arise in time. Give it a few months... maybe a little more than 12. Like it or hate it but we are definitely moving into new territory. And we're only at the beginning of the learning curve ! To find out more and watch some of the cool vids, click here (source: Mashable)

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